Welcome to McFly Records

Welcome to McFly Records, where we transcend the boundaries of conventional music and explore the ethereal realms of neo-classical and ambient instrumental sounds. Our label is a sanctuary for those who seek solace, inspiration, and sheer beauty in the artistry of music.

Within our curated collection, you'll discover the spellbinding works of Have A Cigar  and Listening Wind, two visionary artists who redefine the landscape of neo-classical and ambient piano music.

Have A Cigar: Delving into the realms of neo-classical ambient music, Have A Cigar captivates audiences with their mesmerizing compositions. Drawing upon a rich tapestry of classical influences, they infuse their music with modern electronic elements, creating an otherworldly auditory experience that transcends time and space. Each note is a brushstroke, painting a vivid tableau of emotion and introspection. Lose yourself in the haunting melodies and immersive atmospheres of Have A Cigar's sonic landscapes.

Listening Wind: With a mastery of the piano that borders on the sublime, Listening Wind takes listeners on a transcendent journey through the realms of neo-classical piano music. Their compositions are a delicate dance of light and shadow, weaving intricate melodies and evocative harmonies that evoke a profound sense of wonder and contemplation. From delicate vignettes to sweeping symphonies, Listening Wind's music is a testament to the transformative power of instrumental expression.

As dedicated playlist curators, we curate meticulously crafted collections on Spotify and Apple Music that serve as gateways to a world of sonic bliss. Whether you're seeking solace in the gentle strains of ambient piano music or embarking on a journey of self-discovery through neo-classical compositions, our playlists are designed to accompany you on your musical odyssey.

Join us at McFly Records, where the language of music knows no bounds and the possibilities are endless. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and evocative soundscapes of neo-classical and ambient instrumental music, and let your soul take flight.

New release by Listening Wind  on July 12th "Slow"